free quick release skewers with every order - see products for details

Q: Will Quick Caps fit any skewer system

A: No Quick Caps have been designed for the open cam type quick release systems such as QUANDO or HALO skewers

Q: Whats the difference between Aluminium and Zinc Quick Caps

A: The main difference is the material, Aluminium Quick Caps are lighter as they are less dense meaning they are more likely to dent or chip paint when knocked.

Zinc Quick Caps are extremely durable and will not disfigure in appearance over time.

Zinc Quick Caps offer longer anti rotational lugs and a bespoke Zinc QC logo nut.

The manufacturing processes are different for each model, Aluminium Quick Caps will eventually be phased out and we will only produce in Zinc.

Q: How do you maintain Quick Caps

A: Quick Caps in general are pretty low maintenance. However, over time dust and weather can get into the lock and make the locking mechanism stiff, so some quick annual maintenance will keep your lock working properly. 
A blast of compressed air from a can (available at a computer or electronics store) or if you have one, a home compressor will blow any dust out of the lock. Then all you need to do is lubricate the locking mechanism with a quick squirt of lock lubricant - a "dry" graphite based lubricant specially formulated for locks. Never use household or machine oil in a lock, this will actually hold dust inside the lock and over time make the mechanism extremely stiff.